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How to prove he is not a danger to sossioty?

i had just put my dog out side tied up on a chain i mind you, and he gave it a running start and it snaped just as a laddie was walking by with another large dog my dog jumped the fence and attacked not a bloody fight he broke skin but nothing magor i thik i havent seen the dog yet, that dog out ran mine and my dog gave up. He is a ham around people he even eats jelly beans out of my husbands mouth gross i know but it goes to show he even loves childeren . We live in ma and im not sure what they'll do to him because this is the second time. He was never bred to do this and i dont know why he does? i just want to save him from the death sentence is that what will happen? I need to know how we can save him, i wont go into hiding but unfortunetly me 11 y/o will if we dont figure something out it happened yesterday. please tell me what to do my daughter is onthe verge of running away with him! help! how can i prove hes not dangeres if i ever had to go begore a judge or somone like that?

How to prove he is not a danger to sossioty?
The best thing would be to fence in your backyard. Tying a dog to the tree is not a safe way to keep him from getting into trouble and the court won't think so either. Fence in your yard and train him.

EDIT: Tying your dog up outside, will cause my dogs to become aggressive because they are bored and only have minimal space to run around. You really should have gotten a fence or thought about it before getting a dog.
Reply:Any dog that will lunge at another animal and actually chase them until they catch their target, or are escaped is a danger, I'm sorry to say.

Your dog needs aggression training, either by you or by a professional (if you can afford it, please use a professional). Dogs will behave themselves around people they perceive to be their superior, or dominant to them. These dogs WILL STILL attack children and other animals if they are so inclined, and the only way to prevent them from doing so is with behavior altering training that is consistent, and extensive.
Reply:You already posted this.
Reply:You need to get the dog trained, he seems he is out of control. Take him to a dog trainer and work with the dog. The only way to show you have control of the dog.

It's society.
Reply:this dog is dangerous. You should be grateful if animal control says he has to be euthanized. And please don't get another dog until and unless you are willing to learn how to raise one without it being aggressive (first clue - don't tie your dog up outside - EVER!).
Reply:if this is the 2nd time, sounds like he IS let the authorities decide. just tell your side of the story when it comes to that.

i'm sorry if you lose your dog, but my opinion is that the safety of people are more important than animals
Reply:Is this a pit bull?

Reply:You say 2nd time - that's the first clue. 2nd clue - you don't mention anything about dog's breed. Third, you will go into hiding to save the dog. That may be the safest thing. Hide so we can't find you, other dogs can't find you, cats can't find you - no one. It is obvious that even though this dog, you say, was not "bred" to fight, it wants to. If it bit, broke the skin, it wanted to. Dogs are not bred to fight randomly, certain breeds have the tendency of desire because of breed development that started long before Micheal Vic and pit bulls.

The best way to save your dog now, keep him completely fenced in with no chance of escape to have a 3rd incident - life without parole. Sorry, sad but true. If your beloved dog were attacked by a 2 time offender and injured, you would demand justice.
Reply:How can you prove he isn't dangerous?? He has done this twice.. He sounds dangerous to me.. Sounds like the kind of dog that you would make sure couldn't get out and attack... Don't care whose mouth he eats jelly beans out of, if he is attacking, he is a menace and should be under better control... Once is an accident, 2 ce you knew he was a problem, and it's lack of care and control.
Reply:Just be truthful. Maybe you should keep him inside most of the time and just let him out for walks if that's possible.

Dog attack will he be put down?

i had just put my dog out side tied up on a chain i mind you, and he gave it a running start and it snaped just as a laddie was walking by with another large dog my dog jumped the fence and attacked not a bloody fight he broke skin but nothing magor i thik i havent seen the dog yet, that dog out ran mine and my dog gave up. He is a ham around people he even eats jelly beans out of my husbands mouth gross i know but it goes to show he even loves childeren . We live in ma and im not sure what they'll do to him because this is the second time. He was never bred to do this and i dont know why he does? i just want to save him from the death sentence is that what will happen? I need to know how we can save him, i wont go into hiding but unfortunetly me 11 y/o will if we dont figure something out it happened yesterday. please tell me what to do my daughter is onthe verge of running away with him! help! and when i say chained up imean on a cable i'm just asking will he be put down?

Dog attack will he be put down?
Now you know for certain that your dog is dog aggressive. Many things could be the cause of this including genetic predisposition, isolation as a puppy, mistreatment by other dogs, etc.

Since you know that this happens, you cannot leave your dog anywhere another dog may be. You need to put the dog in the house, put him in a basket muzzle when outside and never leave him unattended on a chain, in the yard, at a park, etc.

Whether or not your dog is good with your family does not determine how he is with other people (strangers), children (yelling, screaming, running), cats and other dogs. A dog can be well behaved with you and dangerous to others.

I suggest that you find a good dog trainer to figure out what the problem is (fear aggression, dominance aggression, territorial aggression, resource guarding, etc.) and put together a written plan to fix it. If you end up in legal difficulty, this will provide a concrete plan for fixing the problem.

Even if you do not get into legal problems, this will happen again. You may not be able to cure him of his dog aggression but at least you will know that he has to be contained around other dogs. Never put an aggressive dog on a chain and leave him. That just increases fear, aggression and leaves him open to be hurt and to hurt others.

Best of luck.
Reply:Was the other dogs on your property?? just curious. He might have felt that his territory was being threaten... Has he been socialized around other dogs?
Reply:My uncle had a dog named Dudley. He loved people to death. He was a mutt, and they didn't know what mix he really was. Dudley turned out to be a black lab and a pitbull mix. The black lab explained the love for attention from humans. The pit bull explained the agression on any other dog he saw. One day he picked a fight with a neighbor dog. The neighbor dog ended up getting killed. Dudley then had to be put to sleep.

It was really terrible for anyone that knew him. He really was a lovely dog. And only 2 years old.

I suggest you keep your dog as far away from other dogs, if he does this a lot. You don't want to lose him.
Reply:It depends on the city ordinances in your area, like if they took your dog for quarantine or if the lady is going to have medical bills or anything like that. You should contact her to find out if the incident has been reported and to whom, and then contact them to find out what the policy is.
Reply:Did someone report it? Unfortunetly, depending on the breed (and I own 'pitbulls myself), if you do wind up in court the judge will order the dog to be put down. Even though he was on his property tied, then broke the leash--he is still your responsibility. You said your daughter is "running away with him"? (????) This doesn't solve the problem. How many times will she run? What if this happens in the next place?

If everything turns out well, turn to a trainer and look into getting a kennel for him.
Reply:here is a web site on chained dogs . did you know that statistic show that chained dog is 4 times more likely to bite then an unchained dog ,

well now this proves my point from a later question now we know it was a pit bull .

Pit bulls are not the right breed for an inexperienced dog owner .

Yes pit bulls can be aggressive ,

You need to be an experienced dog owner to have one and you must have a very well fenced yard to keep your dog from running loose.

Yes your dog is very sweet and cute but it will grow up to be a powerful dog.

If your dog gets loose and bites another dog or a person you could get sued. ,

One thing about pit bulls, and you will here this over and over again, the dogs are sweet and loving toward their owners and their owners are shocked when they bite some one .

And you here it on the news , the owners saying , I cant understand it,,, she has alway been such a sweet dog I don;t understand why she attacked .

. This is because the owners were inexperienced and did not see the warning signs and the increase in their dogs guard or pray drive.

Many pit bulls are great family dogs and many are not,
Reply:It will depend on your county/jurisdiction's laws. Some will fine you, they may ask that you muzzle the dog at all times... and others may ask that you put the dog down...has this been reported to the authorities? if not then you may be upset for nothing...I would however get this dog some training...before something serious happens...even if it only goes after dogs...what if your 11 year old was walking your dog and a dog went after the dog she was walking...what if your daughter got hurt...Please seek help for the dog...get him in training, it would also help to have the dog in some type of training BEFORE the authorities step in...Do it now...
Reply:THIS IS PROOF TO EVERYONE THAT OWNS A PUPPY...YOU MUST SOCIALIZE HIM!!! THE ASKERER OBVIOUSLY DID NOT SOCIALIZE HIS DOG AND THIS HAPPENED..(not to argue with you sorry for what had happened,and its not your fault..simply an instinct from your dog to protect YOU.)and make sure you give him A LOT of excersise.I MEAN A LOT.TIRE HIM OUT COMPLETELY.
Reply:From what I heard, your dog will be tried. They will judge the event (Sorry, I'm not sure who they is) and will come to a conclusion as whether this dog can be a health hazard to its surroundings. Seeing as its the second attack, doesnt look too good im afraid. You'll have to convince them that your dog is trainable and safe. And I mean you GOTTA prove it.
Reply:I don't think your dog will be put down for attacking another dog, even if it is the second time. I think if he had attacked a person, especially if it was the second time, THEN he MIGHT be put down. Animal control officers don't really want to put an animal down if they don't have to. They're not out to kill animals, but to protect them and to protect people. Even animals that attack people might be held in quarantine for a few days to make sure that the person doesn't come down with rabies or something, and then if that person is fine after the quarantine period, then the dog is often returned to the owner, and the owner usually has to pay a fine and receives a warning. Often times the owner is required to keep the dog restrained at all times while outdoors.

The only times I have really heard of a dog being put down after an attack, is when someone isn't just bitten, but is injured, more than just a surface bite. Animal control officers understand that when dogs are around other dogs, there are territorial reasons why they might lunge after another dog. It becomes a different story however, when they lunge after a human, especially if that human is injured. Since you said that your dog is a very friendly dog and only attacked another dog, my guess is that everything should be okay, but you might receive a warning, be required to keep your dog restrained and pay a fine. Because you said that your dog was not bred to attack, that tells me that your dog MIGHT be a pitbull (am I correct?). Even if your dog is a breed that is often associated with being vicious, that doesn't mean it will automatically go bad for him. I have been around some of the sweetest pitbulls a few times, and sadly, they have a reputation for being vicious when they are not inherently mean - some are just trained to be. Anyway, my suggestion is to make an anonymous call to Animal Control and ask them what would happen in a scenario such as yours. Tell them that your dog is very sweet and you were in the process of putting your dog on the cable when the other dog came by, and that you feel it was merely a territorial attack and only the skin was broken, nothing more. Hopefully they can answer your questions and put your and your daughter's mind at ease. Good luck.
Reply:First of all, tying out is very bad for dogs. It makes them more aggressive because they feel that other people and dogs can approach them but they can't get away, so they are more likely to become aggressive and attack. The U.S. Center for Disease Control studied dog bites and found that the two leading factors related to dog bites is tying dogs out and neutered males.

Which leads to the next question - is he neutered. If not, he must be.

Since he can get over the fence and off your property, you must build him a dog run that he cannot get out of - possibly with a roof.

The authorities will consider his past history and the severity of the attacks. If you agree to neuter him (if it has not been done) and agree to build a run from which he cannot escape, you'll stand a better chance of getting him back. You must also agree to pay the medical bills for the other dog.
Reply:Your dog is dog aggressive, like mine. For some reason they become jealous of other dogs and react like this. Perhaps you can contact a dog trainer who knows how to socialize your dog. This would also help you if anything becomes of this.
Reply:I agree with APHID, your dog is dog aggressive. My oldest dog is also dog aggressive, more dominant aggressive. She wasn't like this until our first dog died and she is mostly aggressive when I am around (doesn't do this with my husband). NEVER leave a dog tied out on a lead without being there! A kennel, enclosure, run, whatever you call it, is best; if the dog can get over a fence, you will need a roof. Consult with a dog trainer and work at desensitizing your dog around other dogs. This takes time, patience and perseverance and this issue may never "go away".

I am not able to comment on what may happen to your dog as I am not familiar with the regulations in your area.
Reply:There is no way we can guess what the authorities may do.

However, if I was walking down a public area with or without a dog and was attacked by a loose dog...I would push heartily for the strictest form of punishment.......

I have a right for safety.

You have the responsibility to make sure your dog stays on your property and is not dangerous.

gee.....another "sweet, well behaved" pittbull

Would you like to know everything about IRAN? things that you'd never hear anywhere else?

Some people may like this.If not you don't have to read it.

Special thanks to my American friend who helped me proofread my writing.It's taken me almost a year to find some pieces of this information.

I believe that if you spend 5-10 minutes reading this essay, you will be better informed than if you listen to a lifetime's worth of Major Media news. Please don't assume that I'm a very old person. I'm just 18, and a university student studying English who just cannot sit back and let the lies fly unchallenged.

This article has two parts:

1. Cultural and general info

2. Political info.

If you wanna know the rest of of the story, read it from top to bottom.

Note: I've explained all the things that you ALWAYS talk about, so read it all plz! (Anytime you like!) Specially the political part! Any answers before reading the whole thing will prove to be wrong.


Hi. I'm an Iranian who has spent his life in Iran.When I chat with people from other countries, I am shocked to see how totally wrong their ideas are about Iran. I wrote this article in an attempt to help correct those ideas.

The first thing America, and the West in general, accuses our government of is that we don't allow personal freedoms. Actually, Iranians disobey laws they don't like as much as anyone. But come on, there are only a few restrictions.It's so cool over here. People here do whatever they wish to! Many strict rules in other countries don't even exist in Iran. Also, you should understand that what may seem so normal to you, may be a nightmare for us and vise versa. That's why you don't understand a few of Iran's laws because some of them are based on our culture. You look at our country from "your own point of view"! In Iran every single house has a sattelite dish. Sattelite television has a serious influence on our people, and Iranians wear very fashionable clothing. Maybe it is a kind of imitation, but we still have our own unique Iranian style (I'm talking about public places, in our privacy there's no difference). A visitor might wonder if this is a country or a fantasy pageant of beauty queens! Almost women wear half their their hair out, and make-up and fashionable clothing are everywhere.(I ignore a few fuddy-duddies though!) Iran is one of the super-consumers of cosmetics. You would be surprised to see the difference between what you imagine and what Iran really is!

In my view, everything is great, if you ignore unemployment, inflation and air pollution. But I guess these are common problems around the world today, aren't they? Also, you can't compare Iran today with the Iran you remember. The Shah and the Iatollah Khomini are both some 30 years in the past!Nearly 65-70% of Iran's population is a new generation without the biases of the past (The youth), and we've transformed everything.

Some people think women don't have any rights in Iran. But in my view, women are overrunning the place. But that's not a bad thing. They're very respectful, and they've been the winners in so many cases: They get into the best universities because they're very smart. And they get the best jobs because they can do so many of them better than men. (That's why men can hardly find any good jobs because most jobs are already occupied by women!) They've got Islamic rights, and that has in some cases made it difficult for men to marry them, because husbands are supposed to buy them expensive things and treat them very well, otherwise women have the right to ask a great amount of money (called Mehr) according to the law, which most husbands cannot afford, so they (men) will be imprisoned.The only thing that women are not allowed to do in Iran is getting into public football stadiums and that's because such places are full of cheeky guys. They do anything from taking part in rallies to singing pop songs.Anything! I've put a sample here. I feel foolish for sitting here explaining ordinary things to you.

Another funny thing: Your footage about stoning the women who have committed adultery. Have you ever asked yourselves how many years ago that footage related to? Are they balck and white or colourful? But in one case (related to many years ago) something terrible had happened which was just beyond the borders of adultery.We think being punished for corruption is good, as it deters people from doing that and the society will be far healthier than the countries in which commiting such things is considered to be normal! Iranians expect their gov't not to be soft on criminals.And for your information, most of those footages are from Afghanistan which was ruled by freaks (Taliban). What exactly makes you think women are treated differently?The way they were/are treated in Saudi Arabi? I'm sorry I didn't know "over a billion Moslems" lived there!When you think of such things, try to think of the racism in your country too. There's no perfect country!

I find it difficult to make you understand that Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are --------- SEPERATE COUNTRIES! --------- Even within Iran, 60% of us are Persian and 30% are Turkish! I find it even more difficult to make you understand that Iran is a normal country like any other in the world. The point is, there's nothing mysterious about us! The Media are very good at creating really scary stuff: "IRAN BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS!!!" "IRAN UNDERCOVER!!!" Some of that garbage would be enough to scare ME away! But in truth, Iranians are far more open-minded than you have been led to believe.

There are lots of Iranians today who are geniuses and scientists, and are all under age 25. You don't hear about their discoveries and inventions on TV. For instance a 17 year old boy has invented 72 amazing inventions and there are many kids like that. Every year a special scientific compition (Kharazmi) is held here and students assemble to show off hundreds of inventions. Iranian students and sportsmen win gold and silver medals in different competitions in the world all the time, in robotics, biology, maths, physics, sports, anything! Why don't the Media talk about them? Please don't summarize our nation and culture with the single word "nuclear". Although we're proud of this achievement because we believe that having nuclear energy means that a country is developed.Did you know that the countries having the highest number of scientists in the world are in this order? 1-India 2-Korea 3-Iran

A few months ago Iran uncovered the most effective anti-H.I.V medicine and it was signing treaties with other countries to export it. I searched for news of that on the internet, but there was no single sign of it. What did I find instead? "President Bush CLAIMS that bomb parts are imported from Iran into Iraq!" (The same old story!) The Media are unjust. They put CLAIMS on the headlines, but they never talk about facts!

Some interesting facts:

Iran is a pioneer in medicine and genetics, and Iranian surgeons have found lots of new methods for treating spinal defects, and many diseases (mainly the treatment for different types of cancer) and the best brain and heart surgeons are Iranian. The head of the Mars Mission in NASA is Iranian. One of the best designers of sports cars working in Germany is Iranian. Some of the best 3D animators are Iranian. Iran is one of the best countries in counter-engineering. Holds the second place in building dams and in loads of other things! It's one of the top countries in bio-technology and nano-technology. The 4th highest tower in the world (Milad tower) is in Tehran (visit it at this link from wikipedia: ). 51 of the top 100 universities in the Mid-East are in Iran, and they're among the top universities of the world as well. The champion weight-lifter, a woman, and a song by one of the pop singers who/which won the nobel peace prize are Iranians. Lots of Iranians win nobel prizes specially in the field of medicine. Iranian girls are famous for being terrific. We have Persian rugs and Persian literature, many Persian poets, artists and scientists that are world famous. Iranian culture is now westernized and only a little of the ancient culture has survived. According to statistics Tehran is the cheapest capital city in the world (one Dollar =about 950 Tomans! For example you can buy windows vista for 1 Dollar here instead of 700 Dollars!!! or 3 supper pizzas for 10 Dollars!!!wow!) There are many other things. How many pages would you need to describe a country? Iran has nearly all the industries and technologies found in 'developed' countries. Oh, and we have four seasons! (Some people think it never snows here! We get a lot of snow and there are skating rinks! lol) The list is endless.(I still feel foolish for talkng about ordinary things!)

News: "Iranian scientists managed to make human teeth grow after you've lost them using basic cells" I'm gonna introduce Iran's international news website to you (Press TV) which was established recently. It's fully in English. You'll find what they're hiding from you! In the "Sic / Tech" section you'll always see Iran's discoveries. The address is: Press TV news: Iranian scientists have registered more than 4800 inventions during the last Iranian calendar year of 1385 (April 21 2006-April 20, 2007). 4800 inventions in just one year!

Some charactristics of Iranians would be:

Negative: We are proud, greedy, hard-working (for ourselves), not punctual, impatient, and lazy at doing our duty well, crazy about luxuries and thus extravagant! Highly competitive!

Positive: intelligent, ambitious, a bit idealistic, well-dressed, formal, well-educated, warm and friendly, hospitable.

Some people think Iran is a desert! Well, it is, if you consider California, New Mexico, Utah, Arkansas, and Alabama a desert. We share the same latitude. Iran is a modern country with breathtakingly beautiful nature and lots of historic places to visit. Please take a look at the following links to see if Iran looks like what you think or not! This is a photo of Tehran (Awesome, Isn't it?):

If you like you can visit these too, hundreds of pretty photos from the cities, nature and historic places: (It's like a free tour!)

Some people think music is forbidden in Iran. Did you know that Iranian music was chosen as the best pop in France in 2005? It could even defeat Euro-pop! All Iranian songs are current pop / DJ music. I send Iranian music to my American and Canadian chat friends and they all say they're some of the best songs they've ever heard. What makes Iranian music killer, is a lot of Trance drums, catchy tune, uprising melody and incredible lyrics!

Here's a sample of the latest hits from two official Iranian music websites.You can just right click on the links below and choose "Save Target As" to download them.I guess you'll fall for it! The translation of the songs is here:;...

1.(You know this: 2007)

2.(Hold my hand: 2007)

3.(The wetness of your eyes: 2006)

4.(I just want you: 2003)

5.(The rain: 2007)

6.(The window: 2005)

7.(Keep me in your memory: 2005)

8.(Farangis "A female name" 2007)

9.(The distance: 2007)

10.(Sunrise: 2007)

11.(Stop world:2006)

12.(You can't: 2007)

13.(The wind's kiss: 2005)

14.(Reveal your visage: 2004)

15.(What would have happened if : 2007)

And so on and on!

It's now 2007 and most people still think we are uneducated people living in deserts, riding camels and carrying around guns! See how the media are fooling people?

Let's clarify some political issues as well: Some of the Americans I chatted with said in the U.S it's said that president Ahmadinejad hates the U.S and Israel and wants to nuke them!! The Media are good at putting lying comments out there. It's easy to show a video or an image of our president or leader on the TV screen or on the internet and say he says this, he says that.....I really don't get the point why our politicians defame themselves by talking about things that have got nothing to do with us. For example does verbal defence of Palestinians cause them to have a better life? The thing is that they occasionally make some statements that the media would misuse it against Iran. For example they pick up some specific phrases of a long speech (without refering to the main points and reasons for that speech) and put so many bad comments on that. No sane person would take such nonsense at face value.

First of all, Iranians don't hate anyone. If our government complains about some injustice going on in the world, it's not bad, is it? (Although what we want from them is to shut up and not get us into trouble by talking about things that are none of our concern) We hate neither Jews nor Americans. I love Americans, otherwise why would I talk to them?! How would our guys dream of America, want to be like them as much as possible, and hate them at the same time?! I've got to say that for Iran, Israel is not equal with Jews! Israel is a gov't. Jews are faithful people! A few of them live here in our neighbourhood and they live just like the rest of Iranians. No difference. And two of Iran's parliment members are Jews. Who says we want to force others to convert to Islam? Have you ever found a Muslim knocking at your door asking you to do so? It's so funny the way you imagine things and make yourselves believe in your own immaginations!

Christians and Jews are both God-believers and respectful to us. I wonder why the media like putting words in our mouth and raising hatred. In Iran, religion is one of the least important factors. Where you come from and what your religion is are not important to us at all. On the contrary, meeting different people would be very interesting for us!

I wonder who Iran is really a threat to. Is it logical to say someone's guilty because we THINK / PREDICT that he's going to do something wrong? And they repeat the same "nuclear weapons" tosh over and over and brainwash people! News headlines: "We won't allow Iran to gain nuclear weapons"!!! Correction! It's "nuclear energy". Besides, how many "nuclear weapons" do they have themselves? Hundreds of thousands? Has Iran ever attacked any countries? No. Has it developed any nukes? No! That's what nuclear agency says. Only Iran's opponents are pulling Iran's leg and what they say is of no credit. It's just based on political conflicts. What we're doing is legal. What they ask us to do (ignoring our international rights) is illegal. Iran is a peaceful country. Why? It's the regional super-power and if she wanted, she could easily invade the countries in our neibourhood just like what Saddam did to our country, but as you see Iran has peaceful relations with all of them. It can set an example to some countries that just follow their interests (oil!). Interesting! the countries accusing Iran of different things have been, and are still accused of the same things!!! How logical!

Some people say he said: Israel should be wiped off the map! But have they told you the rest of his speech and that why he's said this at all? You know that it's a passive sentence. He's never said that IRAN wants to wipe Israel off the map! He wasn't talking about destroying Israel. He was talking about relocating Israel, so that they could live seperate from Palestinians and they could both live in peace. They've only told you this phrase not the whole thing and it's mistranslated intentionally. Iran has always defended itself, but it's not an offensive country.

Some say he's said: "The Holocaust is a myth!" Again, this is a single phrase taken from a long speech and there are totally logical reasons for saying so. If 6,000,000 Jews were killed, that's terrible, but 300,000 Shiite Moslems killed by Saddam aren't important at all? Over 650,000 Iraqi people are killed and that's not important?! When Fox News simply says that America and Israel are capable of destroying and killing Iran's population of 69,000,000 within two weeks, it's OK and no one says they're threatening other countries to nuke them (I saw this with my own eyes on the Fox News website) Millions of people killed in Afghanistan, Hiroshima %26amp; Nagasaki and the Vietnam war are not considered human beings at all! Now I think you'd get the point why he's IRONICALLY said it's a myth. Moreover, don't you believe in freedom of speech/mind? I'd judge people by their ACTIONS rather than by what they say / their religion / race / culture and the colour of their skin!

Obviously, some countries are using Iran as a scapegoat to put the blame (for their own faults) on. And what country is better than Iran to be a scapegoat? The whole world believes that Iran isn't a peaceful country. I know Americans don't like this either, but what can they do? They're not responsible for controlling what the Media says. This part is just for Americans who would still argue over unimportant things: Those of you who say why Iran says "Death to America":

1. 'America' to us means the U.S govt, not the people. How do you expect Iranians to mean "American people" when our media admires Americans for marching and holding up "no war" placards?!

2. The new generation don't say such things and if some of them occasionally march in the streets that's because some of the stupid guys enjoy making noise and they mainly go out there to meet their girlfriends/boyfriends! Strange. Isn't it?

3. Such mottos are not just said in Iran and as you know whatever you hear is a response to the U.S govt's terrible actions which has made life for many people hell (You wouldn't deny that attacking countries is a mistake. right?)

4. The U.S gov't helped Saddam attack Iran and I hope you know which country gave Iraq biological weapons which killed lots of Iranians.

5. America hit an Iranian airplane over the Persian Gulf and killed 200 passengers for no reason.

8. America places sanctions on Iran, promotes a false image of Iran and Iranians, scares tourists away, and harms our economy, development and credit. To what purpose?

When you call Ahmadinejad a nutcase for what he's said, what do you call Bush for his actions? I mean it's a good idea to consider what Bush is doing to the world with his wrong decisions and lies. Bush is powerful and influencial, but Ahmadinejad is nothing.

To those who are upset with American hostages taken for 444 days:

1. Firstly, It's related to so many years ago and it's almost a part of history, and don't forget that when there's a revolution, there'd be chaos and people may do things that they should not, moreover they're all alive and healthy. Aren't they?

2.The U.S has arrested Iranian diplomats in Iraq and had tortured the one who was freed. Poor British sailors were detained by the English gov't just for saying that they were treated well in Iran and that Iranians were logical people (They said these when they were on England's soil!) They were PREVENTED from releasing their memoirs by England! Now you decide who has the right to be upset with whom. How do you believe in their lies about politics when they hide both the most and the least important things from you considering the fact that politics is the world of lies in its nature?!!! Considering all this, you'd probably be able to GUESS what percentage of what they tell you about the Mid-East, Islam, Moslems and other things is true!!! lol Some answerers still confuse Iraq and Iran after reading all this! You are in Iraq not in Iran! They're separate countries!

Isn't it better for both countries to forget past conflicts and to have peaceful relations? Our two gov'ts are like 10 year old children playing a stupid, harsh, rhetorical game. They don't care about hurting people's feelings. They just try to make our two peoples enemies to achieve their own goals. We, as the people of these countries, MUST NOT allow these conflics into our hearts. You know something? All govt's are hateful. I just said the above things because it sounds unfair when some Americans talk about the taking of the 444 hostages while I keep silence. I hope you agree on this one! Now, what do you think? I can't wait to see both nations in peace. It'd be marvelous! They've started to have diplomatic talks! (Naughty children!) That's great!

Thanks for your time

Would you like to know everything about IRAN? things that you'd never hear anywhere else?
Having had the wonderful opportunity to visit your country enabled me to see for myself how wonderful the Iranian people are and to learn about your history, your culture, your cuisine, music, films, dance, sacred sites, your medical accomplishments...all your beauty. I am so sorry my country's government seems to delight in trying to bully Iran. Worst of all are the lies told. I know enough about your country to be able to discern when the propaganda machine here is operating. I just wish more Americans traveled and could see for themselves what I have seen. By the way, I traveled to Iran under the auspices of The Friendship Force, an organization started by Pres. Carter to promote peace through one-on-one friendship, a mission I take seriously. Thank you for your wonderful essay on Iran.
Reply:thank you so much. I am a girl . I have 23 years old . I read your essay completely. I am student in university ( my level is MA) . now where are you live? if you like contact with me my email address is here: Report It

Reply:Thank you for your essay. :-) Report It

Reply:Thank you for your point of you, I am sure your country is not as bad as they paint it. But I met some iranians that still live in IRAN and their opinions on women's rights, religion, freedom are the oposite of what u said. Who to believe then? Report It

Reply:Dude that was too long to read sorry! It caught my interest and I read it half way and gave up. Thanks for the Info I didn't have a clue to half the stuff you were speaking of. It was too deep. My understanding of Iran is that it is the nation out of the whole world that hates America.

street fighting

Great 2nd Date says he wants marriage someday soon, but chases other girls ?

So Im in shock. I just had a second date that lasted 8 hours.

The first date lasted 7 hours.

ABout a month apart.

I was friends with the guy before dating him and then friends between both our dates.

He kissed me a long time last night and I thought we had a great time connecting.

Well he just made contact 2 days later with me.

He let me know up front that in joking manner that he was going afte rand flirting with other girls with his friends last night.

He is 32 and I'm 30. When we first became friends and went on 1 st date he said how he wants to get married someday soon.

Now after our 2nd long personal date he is talking about flirting wiht other girls ?

He even jokingly called them his pet projects.

Should I even keep him as a friend ?

Im so shocked.

i have serious feelings and this hurts so much. i feel like jumping out of my skin.

he told me for last two weeks how important i am.

Great 2nd Date says he wants marriage someday soon, but chases other girls ?
dump him

he sounds like he will hurt you again.

EXACTLY too much drama 2nd date?

imagine how much drama the 10th or 20th date will bring.

to say nothing of the hurt or pain.

find someone who is true and really to Only you.

some one with some quoth and a lot more class.

Reply:2 Dates and he has already showed you his true colors.............MOVE ON AND FAST!
Reply:He scared himself... he is trying to save face now.

He realized he was getting too serious about you too soon, sounds like to me. Give him space, don't rush. Don't mention the word marraige for a while to come.
Reply:I know how you feel. He might have just been trying to make you jealous - but even so, it was a juvenile thing to say, much less do. Maybe just try to let it go this time, and see if the next couple of dates end better. If something liket his happens again, then you can freak out.
Reply:He's playing mind games. Dump him. He doesn't respect or care about you.
Reply:He is showing you what he will be like in the future. He is 32 and still hasn't grown bad...Move on before you get hurt real bad......
Reply:He is definitely not ready. It's best to break the ties before you get emotionally hooked on him. He is obviously still looking. The Bible says that a man that finds a wife finds a good thing. There's no need to look further if you're the one for him. Set him free!
Reply:Most likely is just trying to make you jealous but, if he likes you really then he won't keep on doing it.
Reply:Look how much drama you're going through, and you've only gone on two dates! Why would you want to do this to yourself. It is early enough for you still were it won't hurt as much, and it won't be as hard, to walk away.

Actually run away- quickly. Anbody can tell you something, but they can always show you better- and he's shown you what's up.
Reply:slow your roll girl!!! It's the second date -- give it some time to see what he is really all about....
Reply:Only the 2nd date, now you know how he is, so move on and find other men to date and go out with. Have nothing to do with this guy who takes women for granted... he just is a friend and has told you his true nature....
Reply:red flag time to move on
Reply:You don't need that crap...move on!
Reply:It's too bad you are leading with your feelings instead of your head. His behavior is, to put it mildly, disrespectful and immature. (He probably thinks of it as a kind of bragging that will impress you--it impresses me just about the way it impressed you--ugly!!)You really don't need that sort of a fella in your life, do you? One of the few things we know about him is that he lies like a rug--you are important to him and he's chasing skirts? He needs to get a grip!
Reply:If you are only going on dates like once a month, its obviously not a serious relationship. Kissing??

Obviously this guy is not marriage material.
Reply:the guy is an insecure player... yeah.. he's trying to make you jealous so you throw yourself at him.. it will make his ego explode. i say tell the douche to pound sand.. you dont deserve that crap.
Reply:Two great dates are just that, two great dates. While what he said was insensitive, you don't yet have a claim to him, and he may have been testing out the waters to see how you reacted because he was scared of creating expectations too soon. Just ask him straight out what he wants from you, you owe it to yourself to see if your eventual goals are compatible.
Reply:My is a bit presumptious on your part after only a 2nd date a month after the 1st date to assume he meant to marry you. Afterall, if he was that interested, the 2nd date would have occurred must quicker than 1 month after the first date
Reply:I don't think you guys are on the same page. He sees you as a friend, possibly with benefits, if not now, then soon. Telling you he can see himself married opens you up to him. Keep yourself at a comfortable distance till you know his true intentions. Just because you made out with him once doesn't mean you have to continue to do so. Have respect for yourself and your body, and don't let him into your emotions so quickly. You'll see what you need to see if you keep your eyes open and your heart guarded.

Nipple Piercing Not Healing (I think)?

Three years ago I had both my nipples pierced and then two years later lost them when I had to remove them for a surgery. I waited 8 months to have one put back, I had intended to put both back but having them done the second time one was all I could stand. Now it is like my nipple is grabbing a hold of the piercing and won’t let go. About once a week it hearts, and it is like white skin comes out of the hole wrapped tight around the ring. I do clean it every day with Dial soap. Does anyone have an idea what I need to do to make it heal?

Nipple Piercing Not Healing (I think)?
This is one of those things that needs to be looked at either by a local piercer or your doctor. There are a few things that could be causing this. Scar tissue can push it's way out and looks like a white substance similar to what you described, this is most likely the case but I could not be certain without seeing it. Although if it is not healing as quickly as last time it is probably do to the already existing scar tissue limiting blood flow to the area which can be helped by doing sea salt soaks once a day for 5-10 minutes (1/4 tspn non-iodized sea salt to 8 oz warm water) or spray it with sterile saline wound wash every 3-4 hours and let dryu naturally do not blot dry.

But definately get to your piercer or doctor and have them check it out.
Reply:Go see your piercer...or another one you trust.

This is the only way to tell what's truly going on with it.

You can't really know from people on Yahoo answers who aren't examining it and may not know what they are talking about.

Good luck. :)
Reply:use witch hazel you can buy it anywhere comes in a bottle like alcohol or peroxide what you need to do is fill the cap and submerge your nipple in the witch hazel, then grab the jewelry and move it back and forth through the hole throughout the day you should wash your hands and move the jewelry so nothing attaches to it during the healing process. you should be fully healed in 2 to 3 weeks
Reply:you could be illergick to it or use neosporin
Reply:I had that problem when I got my belly button pierced. my dr told my to soak it in peroxide twice a day for 5 minutes and then use a shot glass of 1 tsp pure seasalt and hot water as hot has you can stand it and soak it 3 - 4 times a day. and move the piercing around so the peroxide and seasalt water get all over the ring and cleans the hole. Good luck and I hope it heals soon. My belly button took about a full month for the infection to clear and 8 all together. Even when your infection is gone use the peroxide at least once and seasalt at least twice to keep it clean and clear of future infections. Until the piercing is fully healed

Would you date someone with acne?

I've had acne ever since 7th grade and still, four years later, I still have it. Now I have tons of acne scars on my cheeks and spots of acne here and there... Ever since I got acne, I hide my face away every time someone tries to talk to me too ._.'' I can't even look at me straight in the mirror for a second without staring at the acne scars ._.''

I think besides the acne I'm pretty decent looking. Alot of my mom's friends and coworkers tells me I'm pretty and not to worry that my acne's going to go away %26gt;_%26lt;;; But then all my confidence goes away when I'm with kids of my age with flawless, perfect skin.

Would you go out with someone who's a very nice person whose only flaw is acne? :x

Would you date someone with acne?
yes, I would go out with someone with acne! Beauty is only skin deep. I know as you stated that you have been battling this since 7th grade, but there are things out there for you combact your acne problem. You probably tried everything on the market. I got my first blackhead with I was 21yrs old. But the older I got the more visits the acne decided to make itself known. Wash your face, if you can twice a day and in between then use an astringent. I have come to a revelation about when I do see a blackhead or two making its appearance. If your hands are dirty, wash them before you handle with your face, remember when you are outside, in a movie theater, or even a grocery store, you are being exposed to what ever is in the air. Sit down and do a self check about whether you drink enough water, how you might subconsiciously picking at you face. if you are using a bar of soap, STOP! If you are using someting that is not giving you the results that you are looking for change facial washes. To work on the scarring try bleaching creams to 2 even out your tone. there so many out there to choose from. if your are using foundation try not to cake it on bacause your skin needs to breathe. I wish you the best. Peace
Reply:ya totally, looks arnt important, besides its just acne
Reply:If i got to know them first and I enjoyed their company, then the answer is definitely yes.
Reply:I've had acne since I was 10, I'm 15 now. It's going away now and is almost better :). Before having acne it's easy to see someone with it and say "eww." But after having it you have an appreciation for other people with it. Acne is painful and is known to cause low self esteem, depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. There is nothing wrong with acne. Infact, I think it's a good thing to see people with it, it shows a strong person. Acne would not change my mind about a person, I would date them with or without it.
Reply:Simply? Yes.

There is a lot more to a person that I will date than their complexion. My own skin isn't perfect most of the time. For most people, it doesn't matter. I know that when I look at somebody with acne, I don't think "Oh, god, look at them, ugh!" And generally, I don't think people do that when they look at me broken out either. The few people who would are people that I refuse to associate with regardless.

All that said, if your acne is having that negative an impact on your self-image, perhaps you should visit a dermatologist and see what you can do. is also a good resource, and I personally recommend the regimen there. The products are cheap and effective, but even if you don't get them, the basic idea is good advice. Basically, leave your face alone except for gentle washing, a 2.5% (if you can get it, higher concentrations only tend to dry more) benzoyl peroxide solution, and a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

But really? Don't worry about it.
Reply:yeah. and if i really liked a guy and he asked me out, when he had clear skin, and if i said yes and if he got acne later i would still like him for his personallity. and besides any guy that dusnt wanna go out with u cuz of that is a peice of s.h.i.t.
Reply:Hi Jen

I'm an adult acne victim. My skin was good throughout my teenage but I suffered from regular acne attack at late twenties about a year ago. I've tried alot of products and mild medication, but it just won't go away. My last resort was taking medicine, ROC Acutane and I've been on the medication for almost 5 months. Thank God I can see the improvement. Check with a certified doc and asked if you are a suitable candidate for taking Roc. (As there are some side effects and I'm not sure if there's certain restrictions on age group) Always take note that your doc must do a blood test for you prior to 1st and last prescription as regular comsumption may affect your liver. And for any ladies or men who intend to have this medication, getting pregnant during the medication period is a No No. Remember to consult a certified dermatologist or doc.

Lastly, if someone really judge your looks and not your inner beauty, then this person must be very shallow. Flowers will wither, human will age too. Live beauty and healthily for yourself and not for those who judge you by looks.

And yes, I won't mind a person who's very nice but only flaw is acne.
Reply:Yes, nobody's perfect. You can still be beautiful and not have flawless skin. Besides looks aren't everything. Personality is a lot more important to me than being "perfect".
Reply:To put this bluntly and honestly, no.
Reply:Yes. Although this is a pretty superficial society, there are still some exceptional people in it.
Reply:Not if it's pu sssy. I wouldn't be able to relax thinking that I was gonna get some on me. Get some provactiv on that lovie!
Reply:Yes - I am not superficial.
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What makeup would match these 5 outfits? FASHION DIVAS ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?

first outfit- black and white horizantal stripe sleeveless shirt, slight flare jeans.

second outfit- shortsleeve yellow shirt with blue polka dots, bermuda jean shorts.

third outfit- dark green cami, flare black capris.

fourth outfit- camo top with jean shorts.

fifth outfit- brown shirt, with white shorts.

please put the makeup that would go with these. im a medium skin tone, brown eyes brown hair. ty!

What makeup would match these 5 outfits? FASHION DIVAS ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?
Your makeup should never match your clothes, so instead, I'll give you makeup that will compliment, but not make you look monochromatic. Excuse me if they get a little, er, colorful.

First outfit: I wore a black and white shirt yesterday actually, and complimented it with red eyeshadow and cat eyes. If you don't like or have red eyeshadow, maybe orange or pink would work nicely.

Second outfit: I would wear green eyeshadow with this, because it's not too matchy matchy, but it still compliments. Of course, cat eyes are my eyeliner of choice.

Third outfit: I would say wear yellow eyeshadow or a bright green, though I really love the smokey eye look with a look so simple. If you'd like to know how to do a smokey eye, if you don't already, feel free to drop me a line.

Fourth outfit: Mmm....I'm not good with camo. I do like the way pink looks with it, though you could go more subdued with a brown.

Fifth outfit: Mmm...since it's just brown, you could go completely wild. Last time I wore a brown shirt, I wore it with blue and green eyeshadow, so it gave kind of an earthy look.

I don't know what to put on the rest of your face, sorry, the only makeup I wear is eye makeup. Don't forget the mascara, and any other questions just drop me a line.
Reply:1. Shirt is 'busy' so keep your make up simple. Neutral skin and red lipstick to contract the black and white.

2. Warm tones, peach, oranges. It's ok to use blue eyeshadow with an orangish lip and cheek color as these contrast. Try to match the blue shadow to the polka dots. Again, a busy shirt, so don't let your make up get too busy. Work towards blending skin tones.

3. Avoid any yellow or golden tones. Work with neutrals and warms. I love green, so consider an olive (yes olive) green and brown eyeshadow combination. Emphasise your eye brows. Stick with a neutral lip color.

4. Definitly earth tones. I'd look into green eyeshadows with these. Stay with neutrals. If you can pull of white, try using some white hightlighter to 'brighten you up".

5. Here is where you amy want to bring out the golden skin tones. You may even be able to get away with some mulberry or violet eyecolor for contrast. I'd try a few shades and see. Gold and violet are contrasting colors, so you may be a very nice 'deep' affect.

Always, always, always do, but don't overdo, your eyebrows. Make them look natural, but distinctive (and well trimmed). You'd be amazed at the effect.
Reply:First Outfit: Smokey EyeShadow. Eyeliner. Mascraca. Lipgloss. Long Necklace. Stud Earrings.

Second Outfit: Blue or Brown EyeShadow. Mascraca. Eyeliner (if needed). Lipgloss. Blush. Bracelet. Dangling Earrings.

Third Outfit: Smokey EyeShadow or Brown. Mascraca. Eyeliner. Lipgloss. Ring. Stud Earrings. Short Necklace.

Forth Outfit: Mascraca. Light Eyeliner. Lipgloss. Blush. Stud Earrings. Short Necklace.

Fifth Outfit: Brown Eyeshadow. Mascraca. Eyeliner (if needed). Lipgloss. Long Necklace. Dangling Earrings.